Worship Team Retreat  

Doesn't this just have a great ring to it? Campfire. Eating together. Relaxed worship. Late night talks. Teaching tailored to your team. Friendships deepened. A break from your normal routine. God speaking...


And you don't have to lead a thing!


Pick a spot, pick a date, we'll do the rest. Ah, rest. Yep. Even you as the leader will get a rest. We'll lead times of worship, sharing, and teaching. You can pick the topics or we'll suggest one based on your church's needs. We'll even let you design the fun times...group games and activities (you know what best your team loves to do!)

Please tell me you've experienced the wonder of a worship team retreat. They are just amazing. Here’s how your team can have one.

Choose either the:

“Small” [Friday 7:00 PM to Saturday 7:00 PM] for $1,250

“Medium” [Friday 7:00 PM to Sunday 2:00 PM] for $2,250

“Large” [Thursday 7:00 PM to Sunday 2:00 PM] for $3,450

Of course, times are flexible!

And yes, we can even help find another worship team to lead at your home church while you're away. Simply contact retreat@adlibmusic.com.


What have others said about having Ad Lib Music lead their retreat?

Worship Pastors

“Having Dave lead at our retreat was a great experience for our entire team, and it allowed me to do what worship pastors should do at such an event – retreat. I was able to step back from leading and enjoy time with my team without having to develop and prepare all of our group sessions, worship times, etc. What Dave presented was practical, timely, and God-inspired – we are still talking about what an awesome time we had together!”

-Scott Byrom, Worship Pastor, Ephrata First United Methodist Church in Ephrata, Pennsylvania

“It was refreshing to release the leadership responsibility of a team retreat. Dave brought a unique approach to our retreat that opened each of us up individually to what God wanted to do with us as a worship team. Dave was intentional and prepared but not scripted or controlled by an agenda. His Spirit led teaching style through word and worship, and his desire to seek God desperately, enabled us to experience God’s movement in a powerful way.”

-Dean Sensenig, Director of Worship & Music at Ephrata Church of the Brethren

“One of the most meaningful moments in my journey as a leader was our Worship Retreat with Ad Lib. Thank you for inspiring worship leaders!”

-Twila Sauder, Former Minister of Worship at East Petersburg Mennonite Church

See? Don’t you just want to go too? Get a date on the calendar now before our calendar fills up. And if you’re not located near Central Pennsylvania, no worries! We’re available to come to you wherever you are! 

Email retreat@adlibmusic.com, call (717) 468-6428, or fill out the contact form at adlibmusic.com.

Team members will come away saying…


  • They way you made suggestions and just directed the group to reflect on topics and then just left time gaps for the Spirit to work, was very effective and allowed good discussion.
  • You listened first and took us in the direction we needed to go, rather than following a scripted program. You allowed God to lead us.
  • The experiential nature of your teaching is very effective- worshipping together (without an agenda), and then some honest evaluation is so much better than a PowerPoint presentation of “4 must-knows for every worship leader.” Awesome stuff.
  • Leading us in analyzing our worship time right after the fact AND using nonthreatening “I expect discussion” tactics to draw people and their thoughts out (such as counting responses with your fingers) was just great!


  • Time worshipping as a group without leading/worrying about how it sounded or playing instruments and how you facilitated everyone participating – it was great!
  • The time of worship was very relaxed and meaningful.
  • The modeling that you did during some of the extended worship times seemed to take some of us to a place that we rarely get to. The time allowed and the lack of structure during this time was very liberating and has given me ideas of how I can personally work toward providing this for myself and for our team.
  • You did well in leading us in worship and at the same time teaching us how to do it.
  • You made us think about how we could help people engage God during worship
  • I enjoyed how you lingered on songs, giving space for ministry to happen, for Scripture to be read, for words to be spoken, for minds to imaginatively wander. Good stuff.


  • When we prayed for each other, I was hesitant, nervous, and concerned what others might think... but, when I finally got started in prayer my mind was really racing along. I could've prayed for most everyone with all the stuff I had popping up in my head, it was just getting my mouth to open for that first time.
  • Definitely the praying for each other before we left for the weekend. I saw people pray out loud that I've never seen pray out loud before....very moving. I have never experienced an outpouring of prayer for that amount of time and being touch by God's spirit, and just allowing everyone to be truly honest and supportive to one another.

Retreat Environment

  • I liked the relaxed environment. It made it seem less “churchy” and enabled the group to open up more.
  • I liked the mix of individual and group time.
  • I feel the time was planned well, we had recreation (down time) good discussion, prayer, worship and relationships strengthened with each other and God.
  • The self-reflection and journaling experience was another very meaningful personal experience. It set the stage for the closing prayer circle which was the most necessary event for our group. I found healing and unity this past weekend that was desperately needed and long overdue.
  • This had a casual feel to it and was at the same time real, intense, authentic and genuine.
  • I felt like there was just a perfect combination of teaching and worship versus free time.
  • Maintained an open, free environment where I felt free to share my heart and interject when I had a question.


  • Before I left for the retreat I had a lot of different things on my mind and I really did not feel like attending. However, once I got there, I can honestly say, I am so glad that I went!! It was much more fun than I anticipated! I loved the outdoor activities and even the kick ball game! I would highly recommend it!
  • Thanks so much for leading our retreat, I think today my feet are finally touching the ground. Thanks!
  • Thank you so much for leading. Your ability to read people and allow the Spirit to direct your event is amazing. Our group has been transformed by this I am sure. I look forward to the weeks and months ahead as God continues this great work. I was run down, tired, and weary on Friday afternoon. I left Saturday night rejuvenated and inspired to do great things. You helped bring all of us closer to each other, and best of all closer to God. Thanks!