Worship Ministry Devotions

I want to say thanks. Thanks for being in the “trenches.” Thanks for faithfully creating spaces where people can meet with God. Your ministry in worship is vital…and those hours you put into it when no one sees you…they’re really making a difference! Thanks!

Knowing personally the importance and challenge of spiritually nurturing your team, I’m really excited to be able to bring yet another resource to you.

  • Do you wish that rehearsal would go deeper than just pulling the music together? 
  • Is it a struggle to consistently and easily find quality, relevant encouragement to share and study with your worship team? 
  • Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to offer some spiritual content with your worship team? (whether you’re the “leader” or not) 
  • Is leading a team devotion at rehearsal always on your “to-do-that-never-gets-done” list? 
  • Can you imagine if worship leaders from across the country would come and share at your rehearsal? 
  • What if you could sit down with your team and have a devotional moment with a seasoned worship leader? 

Me too! Well, now you can. We’ve teamed up with WorshipMinistryDevotions.com to be able to bring you just that…weekly devotions written by and for worship teams. These aren’t just random devos, they are specifically designed for people who serve in musical worship.

In addition to great Worship Ministry Devotions being delivered to your inbox each week, you also get a link for an mp3 audio version…so you don’t even have to read it yourself!

How do I get this? 

Just go to WorshipMinistryDevotions.com and enter “AdLibMusic” in the discount code box to receive $10 off the normal price when you sign up for a 1-year subscription for only $40! That’s like 75 cents a week to spiritually nurture your worship team. [no-brainer!]

Do you wonder if you’re the only person who has like 859 questions about worship ministry?

Are you the person raising their hand four times in every workshop you go to?

When you search for “how-to’s” online, do you skip the text answers and look straight for the video answers? [me too!]

Tom Kraeuter has been leading worship since… before the Carter administration. Whoa. Yeah, but he’s still leading, still teaching, and in fact, his full name is actually Tom Energizer Bunny Kraeuter. He’s heard pretty much every question from every kind of church across the USA. Questions you’ve probably Googled.

Well Tom, smart man that he is, decided to clone himself [via video, thankfully] and is answering those very questions in a FREE online video series. You’ll find practical, common-sense answers to your worship leading questions at WorshipLeadingAnswers.com. There are over 70 videos…with more being added regularly!

There is no cost to you, and all you have to do is sign up. When you do, please go to the “How did you find out about WorshipLeadingAnswers?” box, and type in “AdLibMusic” – you’ll be glad you did!