What Every Worship Leader Needs To Know, Really!

I’m really into lists.


  • Lists keep me focused.
  • Lists give me motivation. (seeing the task clearly before me)
  • Lists are fun to check off.
  • Lists can be scrapped.
  • Lists take all the floating tasks out of my head.
  • Lists give me concrete things to attack.
  • Lists give me a sense of accomplishment.


So, in the spirit of lists, here are three lists.


First, what do I need to know about worship leading?

  • It’s not about me – it’s about God.
  • It’s personal – I personally need to be one of those “really connected to God” people
  • It’s about the Kingdom more than “our church” (or our seeker sensitive church or our denomination or our charismatic church.)
  • It’s about team – the solo act era is over.
  • It’s about a heart connection – the song service era is done.


And now on to the list of how to’s…

  • I have to know how to hear God and obey (it’s the “magic formula” – anytime you find yourself following the same formula in preparing to lead and then in leading, other than this one, you’re apt to miss it!)
  • I have to know how to activate worshippers.
  • I have to know how to teach new songs.
  • I have to know how to work with different leaders.
  • I have to know how to ask for commitment.
  • I have to know how to keep on top of administrative details (or team it out.)
  • I have to know how to use music effectively.
  • I have to know how to pastor the artists serving with me.
  • I have to know how to flow UNDER authority and (just as importantly) flow WITH authority myself.
  • I have to know how to relax…remember the first line of the first “need to know” list? (it’s not about me)


Finally, it’s time to interact. What follows is a list of questions. Questions you can just think about, share your thoughts on the social media, or simply email fertilizer@adlibmusic.com to interact.


When considering the previous lists…

  • What don’t you agree with?
  • What most surprised you?
  • What is missing?
  • What are you going to share with your team?
  • rWhat are you hoping to work on personally?