Leading ChangE

"If you don't like change, you're going to like irrelevance even less."

I mean ouch, Dave! This quote from General Shinseki in Tom Peters book "Re-Imagine!" always challenges me to fight through the pain so I can enjoy the fruit that embracing God-directed change brings.

A friend of mine was remodeling his 1940’s black and white tile bathroom. It was demolition day number one. Armed with only a 16-ounce hammer and a forearm of sweat-equity determination, he pounded off a one square-foot area of defiant tile. Removing his fogged safety goggles and standing in the pile of broken tile, he breathed through the cloud of dust and coughed, “Man, forget this! It’s too hard, too messy, too much work, and it’ll take way too long!”

He immediately felt the LORD say, “If you really are committed to change, it WILL be a lot more work than you think, it will be messier than think, and it will take longer than you think. You’ve already started, and it’s too late to go back.” [gulp & selah]

It’s both sobering and encouraging to hear the LORD push us forward into His purposes. It’s daunting yet doable. But nobody makes it alone. The Almighty’s fuel along with and the energy we gain from teaming with His body will bring about the change that He’s put in our hearts to lead.

So what is it that the LORD is calling me to change? Something in my personal life? Something in my character? Something in the way I lead? Something in the way our church worships? And who do I need to help me along the way?

The coaches at Ad Lib Music are ready to partner with you in leading change. As always, we’re here to help.

Read a printable version here: Leading_Change.pdf

(ps. this was our very first Worship Fertilizer back in 2009!)